Pros And Cons Of Working Out At The Gym

Posted on: 13 May 2015

Are you interested in starting a fitness routine but not sure if working out at the gym is for you? There are definitely a lot of benefits of getting a gym membership, but there are also downsides. Before you make your decision, it can help to know what the pros and cons of having a gym membership are.

Pro: More Variety

There is a lot more variety when it comes to the fitness equipment available at a fitness center. At home, you will need to purchase each item individually, so you might only be able to get a treadmill and set of free weights. However, the gym will have high-quality equipment and a lot to choose from. You can create a fitness routine that is different every single day.

Con: No Privacy

If you are someone that likes to exercise alone or you feel intimidated by other people, the gym might not be the best place for you. While you can definitely adjust to using the treadmill or free weights around other people, it might be a little uncomfortable at first. If this is the only thing keeping you from joining a gym, consider the fact that other people there might also feel the same. Focus on your workout and try to pay less attention to others around you. Everyone is at the gym for the same purpose.

Pro: Professional Fitness Trainers

While you can hire a personal fitness trainer to visit your home, it tends to be more expensive going that route. When you join a gym, there are multiple fitness trainers available to assist you. You can pay extra to have one give you personalized fitness routines while at the gym, or get the advice of some of their trainers for free. There are also trainers that walk around the gym and help beginners use the different types of equipment and give valuable advice.

Con: Less Convenient

One of the more common disadvantages to getting a gym membership is the fact that it is inconvenient. You will need to motivate yourself to drive or walk to the gym a few days a week, which can be inconvenient if you have a busy schedule or need to find a sitter. When you exercise at home, you can fit in a few minutes just about any time and don't need to worry about finding someone to watch your kids or when to have dinner ready. You can put a casserole in the oven and have enough time to run on the treadmill before dinner is done.

Pro: Exercise Classes and Spa Treatments

Another benefit to joining a gym is that often include extras you can't get at home. For example, most fitness centers not only provide a lot of types of equipment, but offer classes as part of your membership. You can switch up your fitness routine by taking yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or swimming classes. They might also offer a juice and smoothie station, have delicious healthy snacks, or have spa treatments offered in the fitness center.